Melograf Mastering

Welcome to Melograf

Created for the emergent class of DIY musicians and indie labels, Melograf provides the means to give every release the final sheen, balance and punch needed to sound its best, at indie-friendly prices.

Hybrid Mastering

With rates from as little as €30 per track, there's no reason why your next release can't be given an extra polish. As an unattended mastering service with online file transfers, it doesn't matter where you're working from—your music can benefit from an objective ear, along with world-class analogue outboard equipment and digital processing.


I work to a scaled system, depending on the number of tracks to be mastered. It is more cost-effective to have multiple tracks mastered in a single session, than to have single tracks mastered periodically.

Accepted methods of payment are credit/debit card and bank transfer. You will receive a pdf invoice via email, detailing how to conveniently and quickly pay before receiving your masters.

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